La Amalia, high up in the Colombian Andes, is a spectacular Colombian mountain resort and nature reserve, a sensational, spiritual home to Colombia’s world renowned coffee industry.

Nearly 120 years after its foundation in 1888, this impressive monument to Colombia’s coffee heritage holds a special place in history, a utopian retreat that shipped Colombia’s world famous pick-me-up to Europe and brought a world of sophistication back home in return.

Blessed with natural riches and historic pedigree, La Amalia is undergoing an innovative transformation that will return the Colombian coffee plantation to its original grandeur.

Unique dwellings, organic architecture, treehouses and cutting-edge spa facilities will create a world class retreat for nature lovers close to Medellin.

An inspired international team of architects, landscapers, designers and chefs have been brought together to mould a holistic future for La Amalia – one that will preserve this prestigious place, celebrate Colombian biodiversity and salute the country’s stunning natural beauty.