Modern designer cabañas by the award-winning architectural practice, Plan B Arquitectos, will be weaved into La Amalia’s woodlands to offer stunning, overnight lairs for nature lovers on the run from the stresses of modern life. There are plans to construct up to 40 luxurious lodges with different layouts including 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units. These sophisticated mountain hideaways will range in size from 40 sq m, 90 sq m and 140 sq m. Each of the contemporary villas will be built over two floors with a roof deck to allow fortunate dwellers to admire their impressive surrounds. Each will be placed carefully in La Amalia’s forests to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum privacy.

3 Bedroom

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2 Bedroom

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1 Bedroom

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Tree Houses

Low-impact tree houses nestled into La Amalia’s natural canopy will put visitors even closer in touch with nature with elevated glamping hideouts for between one and four people. There will be up to 24 of these fun, high-end nests, offering bird watchers and nature loving guests a unique chance to immerse themselves in their surrounds. All of the property’s desirable overnight hides are sensitive to La Amalia’s special surrounds, perfect for lovers looking for a romantic escape or adventurous families that want to experience the Colombian countryside.